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As the priority on workplace safety grows, Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality ("SHEQ") is a vital key to the survivability of businesses in today's COVID-19 era.  JT Safety Solutions ("JTSS") has built a reputation over the years for providing quality safety consulting services for clients in almost every industry. Our clients know that whatever their safety needs may be, JTSS is the resource that can provide them with the knowledge and expertise to support safety improvements.


Our capabilities are best summarized to include risk assessment and management, safety consulting and management, and safety training.  Our consultants receive cross training to be able to better support our clients needs for nearly every safety issue they encounter and are supported by qualified Project Managers. Each consultant with JTSS understands the responsibility that a client gives to them when bringing them onto a project, and takes pride in doing their work in a manner that will advance the client's objectives.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Risk Management

  • Safety Strategies and Management

  • Safety Awareness Communications

  • Safety Training

Risk Management

Risk management is a key factor in achieving EHS goals.  Also experts agree that to grow profitably, a company must systematically manage and reduce risk. Research consistently shows that strong EHS performance correlates with better financial outcomes. Studies prove that EHS leaders deliver at least three times the financial returns compared with publicly traded companies as a whole


JTSS assists our clients with our tailor made risk management solutions that can help them identify hazards, conduct thorough risk assessments, implement and monitor controls.

Safety Strategies and Management

JTSS is a full-service safety consulting, staffing and safety training company. Our Safety Consultants are a staff of highly trained and seasoned Certified Safety Professionals with proven experience in developing safety programs for all industries nationwide.

Our consultants have a proven track record for successful safety management programs for all types of clients including owner-controlled programs, auditing job or workplace safety, a full array of safety training services, safety program development with implementation and staffing for site safety management worldwide.

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